There once was a woman sharp of pen and mind...

The first thing to know about Alisha Grauso is that she feels like a twat every time she has to write a third person bio about her accomplishments and accolades and also that it still feels very weird to her that smarter and more successful people keep telling her she's enough of a "someone" now to warrant her own site. But since they also keep telling her she has to take this "seriously," here we go: 

Alisha Grauso is a professional wordslinger. She is the current editor-in-chief of Moviepilot and spends her time writing, rewriting, and teaching both the junior staff members and young fan contributors of the site how to wield their words like springboards and swords (but usually, that no, plurals are not the same as possessives and, yes, you need to cite your sources). 

She graduated with honors from the Robert E. Cook Honors College Program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2003 with a degree in English. In 2008, she graduated again with honors and a Master of English from the University of Dallas, then went on to use her degree in both marketing and as an adjunct instructor at the college level, where she taught composition. She loved it and her students loved her (even though she's fairly certain most of them still think she made up the whole concept of poetic rhyme scheme). But the itch to write professionally was there, and so when the opportunity came along to move to Berlin and help this little movie and entertainment website she'd never heard of, she jumped at the chance.

As a freelancer and ghostwriter, her writing can be found on USA Today, Ad Age, MediaPost, and Business Insider, and she has been quoted in Business Week and CBS News. She is also an experienced public speaker and panel moderator, having moderated panels and Q&As at New York Comic-Con, Comikaze Expo, Screamfest, and NewCo LA. Her greatest professional accomplishment to date is managing to not throw up on Jensen Ackles during an interview with him while desperately hungover at San Diego Comic-Con (and she fervently hopes Jensen Ackles never reads this). 

She currently resides in Los Angeles with a rotating menagerie of succulents and cacti that she somehow inevitably always manages to kill.