"ideology of september 11, 2001"

compassion is a stone age
conception now.
we shove it underground,
shove it underground
or toss it into the sky
like a handful of
dead dust and then wipe
our hands on our pantlegs
ridding ourselves of the
unfamiliar feeling and
the silence between us is
unspeakable in its
absolute precision. our very
synapses shriek when bridged.
they used to sing, they used
to sing back in a time when
handshakes were money and
contact wasn't a dirty word.
our ideology fell down on
our heads and we became
emotional amnesiacs, with
smug cheshire cat grins, gaining
knowledge, education, power, greed,
becoming eternally foolish
in our infinite wisdom, and
we were lost, we were lost when
the twin monoliths fell, we became
children once again afraid of
the dark before we created
fire to light our way.